Travel for Wellness: Treat Yourself

As we begin the new year and new decade, it’s a great time to take stock of what has happened and set our intentions for what we want for ourselves in the future. This time of year, many of us are resolute in our plans to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s a good time to step forward in the direction we desire. Dedicate a weekend to create space in your heart, body & mind for the new year with a combination of energizing vinyasa, revitalizing hatha and meditation.

Wellness can seem like an indulgence, because it involves improving just yourself. Who better to advocate for your health and happiness than you? When you’re at your strongest, you can do more for yourself and the people you love without depleting your reserves.

But why go away for a retreat?


It’s important to frame time for yourself as a treat. It’s all too easy to squeeze in a moment here or there during your busy life to attend a yoga class. Prioritising a block of time to your wellbeing can help you make that commitment to improving your overall mental and physical health.


The setting is quiet with everyone in agreement about the goals of the day, from your peers to the people helping prepare your meals and rest areas. You have concentrated time to listen to your inner voice, to have time for deep, honest self reflection.


After an hour of quality time in a yoga class in the city alleviating your stress, you walk straight back into the hustle and bustle of traffic jams and to do lists. It’s all too easy for everything to be quickly undone as the blare of horns and ringtones come back into the fray. If you’re unavailable and off grid, no one can insist on your time and attention. They have to work things out on their own, which is good for you (and them) to remember. At a retreat, the entire weekend’s purpose is for you to relax, and to practice coming to a place of contentment


Go ahead and dream big. Take advantage of the quiet time to note down in your journal what invigorated you, and what lights you up now. What better setting than a beautiful secluded island lodge filled with light, art and nature to get your creative juices going?

Blue Zebra Island Lodge, set in the topaz waters of Lake Malawi is hosting a three day retreat from Friday 10th January to Sunday 12th January 2020. Indulge in an energising vinyasa, revitalizing hatha and guided meditation led by Tuiweni, the leading Malawian yoga and meditation instructor based in the capital city, Lilongwe. Rates are from $165pp for one night or $280pp including scheduled yoga sessions, accommodation, meals and boat transfers to the island from Salima.

To sign up to the first yoga retreat of 2020 at Blue Zebra Island Lodge, themed "New Year, Renewed You" email Follow Tuiweni at @atui_yoga on Instagram and Blue Zebra on @blue_zebra_malawi.

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